A Very Serious Interview: ScaryD

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A very serious interview with ScaryD.

We sat down with one of our professional SMITE players, Ronald “ScaryD” Belair, to ask him some very important questions involving himself, his teammates, and SMITE. 


Hey ScaryD, it is of the utmost importance that you answer these questions as seriously and thoroughly as possible.

ScaryD: Okay.


What’s your hat size?

I wish I knew but probably 20-19 inches.


To be honest I think we have the same size head.


What’s your most frequent Uber eats restaurant?

Chipotle, baby!


What do you order from the answer above?

I switch it up between a burrito and bowl but usually brown rice, black beans, sofritas, romaine lettuce, guacamole and fresh tomato salsa.


Dang, that sounds goods.


What is your most listened to song on Spotify?

Guardian angel – XXXTentacion or Yeah Right – Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar


What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

A cruise trip for my family, but for me $700 shoes


How many hours do you have in smite?

Probably 20 thousand plus, or some shit.


Maybe you should try to like.. Go outside? That’s a lot of hours.


Coffee or tea?



Great choice.

Okay, now some important questions regarding your teammates, SMITE, and other SMITE related questions.


What is currently your favorite god in smite? Why?

Achilles bc who can compete with the hero of the Trojan war


Which of your teammates would you road trip to Sheetz with?

I’d get a huge ass car and take the whole squad


Do you have a personal pre-game ritual?

Ice cold shower and oatmeal for breakfast, plus some exercise to get the blood flowing


Which season of SMITE has been your favorite so far? Why? 

S2 because I could play assassins solo and everyone wasn’t so tanky with warriors blessing. Deaths toll is king


If you could switch roles, which role would you choose?

Jungle for sure, assassins are my favorite class


Who is your favorite team to play against?

Couldn’t say, they’re all completely different. What I can say though is that I prefer playing in tournament settings a million times more, I love the intensity.


Thank you for taking time to answer these questions, ScaryD!

Catch ScaryD and the rest of the Pittsburgh Knights SMITE team face off against Rival this Saturday(May 23rd) at 3:00PM EST. 

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