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Madden NFL is a sports-simulation game created by EA Sports, a division of the American company Electronic Arts. The Knights currently have two professional Madden players and they both hold the titles of the Steelers Madden Club Champions. 

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Michael “D3liveranc3” Pinter

D3liveranc3’s first gaming memories are of watching his dad play Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo. When his dad began playing the Madden games, it was only natural for D3liveranc3 to follow suit. Now, the three-time Steelers Madden Club Champion hopes to add a Madden Bowl title to his list of accomplishments. As a life-long Steelers fan, being a part of the Knights is extra special. Being a part of the Knights “means everything”, he says. “I think of the expectations of the Steelers as a comparison. I need to live up to their standards”.