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PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) is the mobile version of the popular online multiplayer battle-royale title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The Pittsburgh Knights compete across multiple leagues with teams and top talent from around the world. Meet our PUBGM roster:



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Jonathan “J7” Galaviz

J7 remembers watching his family members playing Super Mario, but console gaming didn’t hold much appeal to him. Instead, he focused his attention on mobile FPS titles, which makes his position on the Knights’ PUBGM team a no-brainer. As a qualifier for the Berlin major and both the Dallas and Atlanta DreamHacks in 2019, J7 wants to add a global championship to his repetoire.

Jagger “Jagger” Morales

Jagger began playing video games when he got a Nintendo DS as a gift from his parents. As someone familiar with gaming on the go, making the switch from PUBG on PC to PUBGM just made sense. In his time with the Knights, he’s already traveled to Berlin for a major tournament and hopes to continue being a successful member of the mobile gaming community.

SeongChan “S4M” Lim

When one of his teammates told him that he was talented at the game, S4M went from being a casual player to a PUBGM pro. Already a winner of the 2018 LAN in Los Angeles, S4M now looks to secure a championship title with the Knights.

Man “Raven” Tran Van

For Raven, hearing that a mobile version of PUBG was availble made him give mobile gaming a try. As a longtime fan of playing games competitively, he soon formed a team with friends and attended the ESL ONE LAN in New York. As the newest member of the Knights’ PUBGM roster, Raven’s goal is to win the next PMCO and represent the org on a big stage.

Stuart “Ic3d” Rajkumarsingh

Ic3d got his start in gaming playing GoldenEye 007 on the N64. A competitive personality by nature, he made it his mission to become one of the best PUBGM players after “getting destroyed in public matches.” With this winning attitude, Ic3d looks to coach the Knights’ PUBGM team to regionals and beyond.
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