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SMITE is an mythical 3rd-person, multi-platform MOBA developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The Pittsburgh Knights are in their 2nd year of competing against top players from around the world in the SMITE Pro League (SPL). Meet our SPL Season 7 roster:



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Anders “Qvofred” Korsbo

QvoFred has his brother’s excellent conflict management skills to thank for his current career in esports – years ago after a heated fight, said brother diplomatically resolved the squabble by offering QvoFred a SMITE beta key. The rest is history. QvoFred is “super stoked to be representing the Pittsburgh Knights” this year, and says that his “full focus is on winning – whatever it takes”.

Neil “Neilmah” Mah

NeilMah’s gamer origin story begins the same way as so many do – with a brother, a Super Nintendo, Duck Hunt, and “some tennage mutant ninja turtles game”. Classic. However, after some dabbling in WoW, some Twitch streaming of MOBAs, and receiving the closed beta of SMITE, NeilMah took a turn for greatness. A world champion SMITE player, the highlights of his professional career go beyond actual gameplay. “I’ve met some amazing fans, viewers, professionals, and friends whom i would have never met had it not been for SMITE”, he says. “I truly cherish those connections”. This year, he wants to build a legacy with his teammates and the Knights. He sees playing for the Knights as a privilege and a chance to show the world what he can accomplish.

Paul “Paul” Berger

Paul went from playing his GameCube when he was 6, to being coerced into playing SMITE in highschool, to winning the SMITE world championship – a reasonable course for someone whose goal is to be “the best SMITE player to have ever lived”. His quest for greatness hasn’t gone to his head, though. He still plays with his highschool friends and is grateful to be a part of the Knights!

Steven “Zapman” Zapas

Zapman has been playing SMITE since it’s inception. He started off in the scene making his own teams and competing in whatever tournaments he could. Little did he know that he would go from a kid playing Warcraft 3 with his friends to a pro esports player winning Worlds in SMITE. He’s eager to take home the championship title with the Knights this year, saying “It feels great and motivating to be part of a good organization”.

Ronald “scaryd” Belair

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Joshua “ElChuckles” Bruce

ElChuckles has come a long way from his first memories of gaming, which he describes as “watching a friend play Spyro on their PS1 and not knowing what the heck was going on”. He certainly knows now. This SMITE world champion actually got into his career as a pro esports player by watching SMITE videos on YouTube. He hopes that having the strong and stable support base of the Knights will help him get “another W for the boys and a nice big ring for Qvo at the end of the year”.
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