StarLadder Major 2020

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Battle Commencing on 5/14/2020 @ 4:30PM

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about the knights

The Pittsburgh Knights are a global esports organization headquartered in Pittsburgh. Founded in 2017, they are the first professional esports team of the city and are focused on making an impact in the local community. In 2018, the Knights partnered with six-time Super Bowl winners, the Pittsburgh Steelers. In summer 2019, the Knights announced multi-platinum recording artist Wiz Khalifa as a strategic partner. Most recently, the Knights have added Mexico City-based media fund MX LATAM to their list of supporters. Their team includes some of the top Rocket LeagueⓇ, Super Smash Bros. Melee™, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND©, SMITE©, GWENTⓇ, PALADINS©, Apex Legends™, and Madden NFL© players in the world. The Knights’ goal is to create quality engagement with the local community, the esports community, and the gaming community at large. Please go to for more information and the latest news on the Knights.
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Pittsburgh Knights is committed to the growth of e-sports and our pursuit to become legendary. Quamquam haec quidem praeposita recte et reiecta dicere licebit.

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