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The Knights Training Academy

The mission of the Knights Training Academy is to connect aspiring gamers with the best coaches and gaming communities to allow players to thrive in all stages of their competitive journey. We want to change the way that gamers train, compete and connect to achieve their goals to be championship-caliber players.

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We offer a community where aspiring gamers can connect with one another and support each other’s goals. Whether it’s building connections, friendship, knowledge, or skill, our community helps you achieve your goals. Be surrounded by trained professional coaches and players who can help guide you through your journey in esports by joining our Discord!


  • Discord Access 
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Free Quarterly Trainings
  • Access to our Knights Valorant Lobbies
  • Early Access to our Knights Events
  • Monthly Events with our trained coaches and players
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Within our community, we will offer more exclusive content with our trained professional coaches and players through our Academy Subscription. The players in our Academy will get exclusive access to LIVE and recorded weekly master classes. Additionally, Academy subscribers will have access to pro-guides, VOD Reviews, and 10 man customs with our professional coaches and players.


  • Weekly Master Classes (recorded)
  • Club Play with trained coaches
  • Personal VOD Review by our KTA coaches
  • Written Pro Guides (weekly)
  • Exclusive opportunity to invited tournaments
  • Weekly Events including VOD reviews, 10 mans, or AMA’s with Pro Players!
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