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The Knights are committed to introduce students (K-12) to the world of esports by creating youth initiatives with local city schools and youth programs that uses the Knights brand, technical expertise and community partnerships to engage students, increase computer and media skills and provide competitive/fun experiences for them to participate in. 

The Knights have teamed up with the Mayor’s Office of Equity and Inclusion through the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative to create the “City of Champions” educational program. These grassroots youth development initiatives are committed to inspiring digital literacy by engaging students through esports events, STEM learning, and workforce training opportunities. 

Together, we believe that gaming can be a powerful path to boost computer and media skills, create competition and community, and, ultimately, build a brighter, more equitable future for everyone.

“My Brother’s Keeper’ is all about helping more of our young people stay on track. Providing the support they need to think more broadly about their future. Building on what works – when it works, in those critical life-changing moments.”

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  • Educate and engage students on gaming and help them develop skills needed to succeed
  • Develop active learning, problem solving, improvisation, practice, competition skills, etc.
  • Provide insight into the gaming industry and where this knowledge/skills can potentially lead them. 
  • Prepare them to join Knights PUG’s, Knights Rocket League (KRL) Open ranks  
  • Encourage Weekly Pick Up Games (PUG) that will lead up to a monthly event
  • Create a Monthly Knights Rocket League (KRL) Tournament on Discord for schools to participate in
  • Expand the program to the greater community across Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to develop gaming talent
  • Design and host region-wide youth Player Tournaments



If you would like to get involved in supporting our community efforts please contact us below.

Intro to Esports Assembly (45-minute program)
  Introduction to the sport, potential job opportunities within the sport, and ways to get involved in the esports community.

Sponsorship Opportunities
We are seeking partners to join us in engaging Pittsburgh’s underserved youth to make a direct impact through this digital literacy youth initiative. Your support will assist us in funding operational materials including PCs, games, staffing, consoles, and support materials.

Esports Club/Team
Schools interested in our assistance in building an esports club or team (Mentoring Opportunities)

Esports Enthusiasts / Brand Ambassadors who are interested in giving back to the community on a volunteer basis. Knights to provide first person accounts to job careers in esports/gaming. Knights to inspire students to get involved and engage in esports

Community Programming


The Gaming Hubs will provide a mutually beneficial introduction to esports to the GenZ-targeted demographic.  This will provide kids in underserved communities a safe place to learn, grow, play, and succeed.  The Knights outfitted and support four (4) inner-city Youth Gaming Hubs. 

Working with YouthPlaces we launched three (3) Esport Gaming Hubs in 2022:

  • YouthPlaces Downtown location: David R. Lawrence Convention Center 1037 Penn Avenue
  • YouthPlaces Northside Location: 711 W. Commons 
  • YouthPlaces Sto-Rocks High School Location: 1105 Valley Street • McKees Rocks, PA 15136

The Knights also set up a Gaming Hub at:

  • House of Manna: 7240 Frankstown Road in Homewood
  • The Knights will conduct both virtual and in-person esports instruction and tournaments using our technology.
  • We will set up Discord channels to give students a chance to connect and communicate with other students, providing a way to create teams that generate comradery, teach teamwork, and build leadership skills.
  • We will assist in providing access to technology to create an efficient way to set up a network of teams and online tournaments between the Esports Hubs and other youth esport organizations.

Esports Programs/Clubs/Teams


Knights plan to assist educational institutions within Allegheny County by mentoring coaches and staff to set up successful esports programs.




Through a strategic partnership, sponsors will make a direct impact on the lives of the underserved in our local community.
Your support will assist us in funding operational materials including PCs, games, staffing, consoles, and support materials.



The Pittsburgh Knights professional esports organization recently joined together with Pittsburgh’s YouthPlaces and the AD99 Solutions Foundation for a Back-to-School event.

In conjunction with the mayor’s office, the Knights created the “City of Champions” educational program.

The Knights are proud to announce the official launch of their “City of Champions” educational program.

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