Celebrating the Impact of Women in Esports

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Celebrating the Impact of Women in Esports

Meet Miamouse

“Miamouse, an emerging content creator and on-air talent, recently graduated from Full Sail University with a strong passion for achieving her goal of becoming a broadcast host, particularly within the esports domain. Her journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic when she created a TikTok account purely for enjoyment. As her audience expanded, Miamouse recognized the potential for a more permanent endeavor. Subsequently, she ventured into streaming Valorant and actively participated in diverse events within the esports community.

Mia opens up about the challenges she has confronted in the streaming industry highlighting the intense pressure to project a sense of perfection on camera and the struggle to please everyone. Despite these challenges, she persists in her streaming endeavors, demonstrating unwavering determination and a genuine love for streaming.

Mia finds her greatest inspiration in Yinsu, whom she encountered at VCT. Yinsu’s authentic personality both on and off camera resonated with Mia, making her an admirable role model.”

Meet Embrei

“Embrei is employed full-time as an events assistant at EPIC.LAN, a prominent UK-based company known for hosting diverse events spanning various games, including Counter Strike, Valorant, and even Dance, Dance Revolution! Her initial inspiration to enter the esports industry stemmed from following Cloud 9 White’s women’s Valorant team.

Expressing the significance of being a female representative in esports, Embrei shares, ‘The reason I am in this job is because of the importance of being a woman representative within the esports scene.’ She attributes her entry into esports to witnessing women actively participating in the field, and her passion is fueled by the desire to create opportunities for younger girls and women to join the esports community. Embrei aspires to pave the way for more inclusivity and diversity within the esports scene.”

Meet IckyLoveR

“IckyLoveR, a prominent streamer and caster in the Gears of War esports community, shares her journey and highlights her contributions as a woman in esports. She actively strives to bring attention to women in esports, emphasizing their presence and voices. Collaborating with Hydra Gaming, IckyLoveR has been instrumental in organizing inclusive tournaments for women in Gears of War and Halo.

IckyLoveR, driven by the goal of fostering equality, believes that women don’t seek to dominate but rather aspire for a level playing field and equal opportunities within the esports arena. She underscores the significance of inclusivity, urging the involvement of women to enhance the overall enjoyment for everyone, regardless of gender.”

Meet Ceebee

“CeeBee, also known as ‘Cassie,’ serves as a caster for Overwatch, particularly within ‘Calling All Heroes,’ and shares insights from her experience in the esports realm. She acknowledges the daunting instability of the esports scene, a concern applicable to all aspiring participants, regardless of gender identity. Despite this challenge, Cassie remains undeterred in her pursuit of passion within esports.

Cassie highlights the significance of initiatives like Overwatch: Calling All Heroes, which provides a platform for women and non-binary individuals to exhibit their talents and foster mutual support. She emphasizes the impact of developer support and financial investment in creating an audience, stating, ‘When a developer supports and allocates resources to women and non-binary individuals, an audience follows. Monetizing it not only adds value but also cultivates an environment where more talent and competitive spirit can thrive.”

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