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Competitive Ruling: Player Misconduct in NMCC, B2K, PBJ

  • Player Involved: Ronald “ScaryD” Belair
  • Leagues: NMCC, B2K, & PBJ
  • Subject: Player Misconduct – Flagrant Disregard of Meaningless Rules
  • Date of Ruling: 08/19/2020



As many of our fans know, we recently revealed a Competitive Clash Gamemode Challenge spearheaded by Neil “NeilMah” Mah and involving Ronald Belair, known alias – Scary “ScaryD” Dee.

We have reviewed all reports submitted to us and have determined that ScaryD exhibited extremely annoying behavior.


NMCC (NeilMah’s Competitive Clash)

By repeatedly violating the NeilMah© Rules of Competitive Clash ((i) no defense 3k pot (ii) no upgraded shells, (iii) no hitting the titan) during this challenge and directing his DGAF-ness towards known angel, NeilMah, ScaryD violated our strictly and clearly outlined BNTNMA&F (Be Nice To Neil Mah Always & Forever) policy. 

Because there are multiple instances of misconduct, ScaryD has been banned from the NMCC indefinitely, effective immediately. Here is a brief overview of what constitutes an “indefinite ban” from the NMCC:

  • Indefinitely banned players will not be allowed to participate in any team-related shenanigans, team house hangs or movie nights, late night ice-cream runs, or anything that can be categorized as general pre-planned fun. 
  • Indefinite bans do not have an “expiration date” like a suspension. A player who has been banned indefinitely must explicitly request a ban appeal from any and all younger sisters of no less than ten (10) past or present teammates. The player can only rejoin the NMCC if they show longstanding, demonstrable improvement in their conduct, deliver genuine compliments to NeilMah and/or NeilMah’s hair both frequently and effusively, and can commit to purchasing pizzas – two (2) toppings minimum – every Friday night, in perpetuity. 


Relevant Rules

4.1 Be Nice to NeilMah Always & Forever (BNTNMA&F) a. Participant shall interact and communicate in a BF (Best Friends), BFF (Best Friends Forever), or BF4E (Best Friends 4 Eva) manner with Neil “NeilMah” Mah at all times. 

  1. Participant will abstain, at all times, from: (i) ignoring rules, stipulations, friendly suggestions, and not friendly suggestions set forth by NeilMah; and (ii) any action or inaction from the Participant that elicits a groan (as outlined in section 2.f), a WTF (as outlined in section 2.g.), or general disbelief, confusion, “hey now”s, and “huh”s (as outlined in section 2.aa.) from living treasure, NeilMah.

4.3 v; (g) Annoyance Tolerability c. Participant will use Participant’s best efforts to display superior annoyance avoidance techniques, intended to minimize Participant’s overall troll-factor.

  1. e. acting in a troll-like manner, including, without limitation, building a 3k defense pot, building upgraded shells, and hitting the titan, is stoutly prohibited.



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